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USA - Politics and such

If you want to get some background information on the current crisis within the USA (the war in Iraq seems to be just for distraction), check out some of the following links or read some of the following books. If you know of any further interesting information source, please let me know.



P.S.: I know this is a little on the left, but I think the rest has enough representation in the media anyway.

Which OS are you?

This is my result of the "Which OS are you?" test: (click on the image to do it yourself)
Which OS are You?
Funny, don't you think?!?!

Second SSW Baby!

On Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, 2002, at 8:12 am Gogo's second baby has been born.
Florian Michael Wöß, who is - like Hannah - in perfect physical and mental condition, had 3.63 kg and measured 51 cm at delivery.

Millenium's First SSW Baby!

On Sunday, Nov. 26th, 2000, at 7:34 pm the first SSW baby of the 3rd millenium has been born.
Hannah Chiara Wöß, who is in perfect physical and mental condition, had 2.9 kg and measured 47 cm at delivery.


"Money makes the world go round ..."
and this money, i.e. the few really BIG companies that dictate politics everywhere around the world, are more and more trying to reduce everybody's personal freedom in order to monopolize and control their respective markets. Here you find a few thoughts about that topic, that is really affecting everybody in a way or two or three or ...

What's wrong with copyright protection?

see article of February 16th, 2001 by John Gilmore at
(also available in German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, ... at that site)

EFF's Blue Ribbon Campaign

[Blue Ribbon Campaign icon]
Join the Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

EFF's Blue Ribbon Campaign Fights Internet Censorship & Protects Online Free Expression.

EFF's Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression

[CAFE icon]
Join the Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression!

The Campaign for Audiovisual Free Expression (CAFE) exists to empower the creative community in the digital age by protecting the public's access to and use of audiovisual technologies.


Now there is finally a site for my son Florian.

I keep constantly updating the pictures of my daughter Hannah.

I will still leave the following cute pictures by Anne Geddes here.
Geddes000 Geddes043 Geddes188


If you want to now what real basketball looks like, watch

If you like to know more about the only person who took basketball to perfection, or just want to see a real cool internet site, Michael Jordan to the MAX is the place to go.
[This used to be at http://www.michaeljordantothemax.com, but I cannot find it there anymore. If anybody knows where it moved to, or if it does not exist anymore, please let me know.]

Manhattan, KS

I spent a great semester at Kansas State University at Manhattan, Kansas.

About the "Travel-Bug" ...

The travel-bug got a hold of me pretty early (thanks to my parents, who always used to travel a lot). So I've been on many, many gorgeous trips, and took thousands of pictures.
Unfortunately I don't seem to have the time to put even the best onto this page, but I am still hoping ... (so you might want to check back on this page in a couple of years :-) )

Trip Destinations Pictures
USA 1989
West Coast
USA 1992
East Coast
USA 1994
Canada & The South
USA 1996
East Coast
Sri Lanka 1997    
USA 1997
West Coast
USA 1997/98 San Francisco, CA  
Verdi, NV  
Hawaii 1998
Maui Sunrise on Top of Haleakala
Kanapaali Beach
Kauai Wild Breakers at the Seven Sacred Pools
Under the Sea  
USA 1999
St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA  
San Francisco, CA  
Phoenix, AZ  
Las Vegas, NV  
USA 2001
Tampa Bay, Florida Gogo goes OOPSLA ...
Egypt 2002
The Rea Sea
Hotel Le Meridien  
Under the Sea  
UK 2002
City of Cambridge  
St. John's College  
King's College  

Last updated: March 19, 2002