Projects of Dietrich Birngruber

My current research area covers component based programming. There are competing component models, which represent de-facto-standards and are based on proprietary developments:


  • Currently I am working on the CoPL (Component Plan Language) and CoML (Component Markup Language) project. Read more ...

  • In the AllWin project I implemented a prototype for a B2B scenario using J2EE (EJB, servlets etc.) and WAP (WML etc.) technology.

  • I also stuck my nose into the REFORM project. I was an "unofficial code hacking slave" for a period of 6 months. I used CORBA ;-).

  • The JavaBean versus (D)COM project has been to find out the component models' usefuelness in building real-world applications and to compare the underlying component models (JavaBeans, DCOM) based on a concrete sample application.