WLAN Linux Multimedia Station (+Software AccessPoint)


The intention of this project was to create a small, powersaving, silent and preferably cheap wireless accesspoint (based on the IEEE 802.11b standard) that act as a wireless control server for home entertainment. Furthermore this wireless accesspoint act as a firewall between the internet provider and mobile clients, such as laptops or PDA organizers, in the home environment. Running as a 24 hour 7 days powersaving server, connected with television sets , stereos and webcams, it is able to fulfill many practical tasks in modern home environments. As a matter of fact, the WLAN Multimedia Station does not need any input devices, like keyboard or mouse, it can be administrated remotely via PDA or laptop, or with a remote control over the television set.


Some interesting tasks, that are solved with the Linux based WLAN Multimedia Station are listed here:


Following hardware was necessary to assemble this software AccessPoint:


Following software and instructions were necessary to build this software AccessPoint: