Neon Tower Defense

In this Tower Defense you must fight your way through an endless spawning armada of creeps.

To accomplish this, you have been granted to use four offensive towers and three support towers.

Your offensive towers:
  •  Has Critical Hit, can deal a multiple of base damage
  •  Has heavy damage and Splash, can hit multiple creeps
  •  Has Slow Poison, damages and slows creeps over time
  •  Has Slow and Splash, slows multiple creeps over time

  • Your support towers:
  •  Adds extra money to your stash (per second)
  •  Increases the Range of nearby towers
  •  Increases the Damage of nearby towers

  • Useful hints:
    You can either select the tower to build by clicking on the corresponding icon on the buildmenu in the upper right corner, or just type the starting letter of the tower. Then move your mouse to the position where you want to build the tower and simply click once with your left mouse button.
    When you move your mouse above a tower, you see the current level and stats of the tower. You then can eiter:
  • upgrade the tower by clicking LMB
  • sell the tower by clicking RMB
  • change target mode by holding ALT and clicking LMB
  • change target mode for all similar towers by holding SHIFT, ALT and clicking LMB
  • upgrade all similar towers by holding SHIFT and clicking LMB
  • upgrade until you're broke by holding CTRL and clicking LMB

  • If you want to skip the count-down and get some extra money, just press SPACE.