Special Topics in Software Engineering:

Attribute-oriented Programming

339.014 1KV Porubän Block Begin: 11.5.2011

Attribute-Oriented Programming is program element marking technique which extends programs with meta-data with influence on system semantics. The course presents background of attribute-oriented programming and it is accompanied with examples, patterns and practices in both Java and .Net platforms, contrasting differences in their implementation.


Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Porubän
Technical University of Košice, Slovak Republic
Department of Computers and Informatics


  1. Attribute-oriented programming, the role of attributes in programming
  2. Java platform annotations, .Net platform attributes
  3. Runtime annotation reflection
  4. Processing annotated source code
  5. Domain specific annotations
  6. Metaprogramming with annotations, generating implementations from annotated source codes
  7. Tools support for attribute-oriented programming
  8. Defining constraints on attributes
  9. Examples: frameworks based on attributes


Date Time Room
We 11.5.2011 15:30 - 18:00 P 004
Th 12.5.2011 15:30 - 18:00 T 038/1
Fr 13.5.2011 13:45 - 17:00 T 038/1


Students will have to do a project and send it to the lecturer. The marks for this course will be based on the project.


course material: hornad.fei.tuke.sk/~poruban/atop


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