Warning: This is a work in progress and currently in an experimental state. At the moment, the VM is stable enough to be used when debugging Java programs. We advise against using it in a production system.

Note: The latest Java version 1.6 update 26 is not compatible with the DCE VM. All older Java 1.6 versions are supported.

Currently, the binary version of the VM is available for the 32-bit and 64-bit Windows VM, 32-bit Mac OS Soylatte VM (get it here), and 32-bit Linux VM. We plan to add binaries for 64-bit Mac and Linux VMs. Contact us, if you are interested in them. All current builds are based on JDK7-b102.

Executable Installer Files

Installation Instructions

The JAR files are executable and contain an installer, so it is necessary to install a JRE or JDK beforehand. It is recommend to use the latest JDK7 binary snapshot available at, but the binary should also work with JDK6 or JRE6 installations. Make sure to launch the installer with sufficient privileges.

To launch the installer under Windows with administrator privileges from the command line open an administrator console and type:
> java -jar dcevm-0.2-win.jar

To launch the installer under Mac OS with administrator privileges from the command line type:
$ sudo java -jar dcevm-0.2-mac.jar

To launch the installer under Linux with administrator privileges from the command line type:
$ sudo java -jar dcevm-0.2-linux.jar

The installer replaces the bin/client/jvm.dll and bin/server/jvm.dll with a modified version backing up the old one and adding the dcevm.jar to the lib/ext/ directory. These changes are undone upon uninstallation.

Installer Window

The installer looks for installed Java installations at common places in the file system and displays them in a list. If the desired installation directory is not in the list, it can easily be added by pressing the “Add installation directory…” button. The “Java Version” and “Type” columns display information about this installation. The “DCE” column shows the modification status of the vm.

To install or uninstall press the according buttons at the lower right. There is even a button to automatically run some unit tests on your installation.

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