Compiler Construction 2006, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Lecturer Time Location
Löberbauer Markus 09.00 - 13.00 Room 536



No. Date Content Exercise Stuff Slides
1 10.02.2006 Overview, Scanner Driver.cs, Errors.cs, Token.cs, Scanner.cs, build.bat Overview.pdf, Scanning.pdf
2 11.02.2006 Parser Driver.cs, Parser.cs Parsing.pdf, SemanticProcessing.pdf
3 12.02.2006 Symbol table Driver.cs, Scope.cs, Struct.cs, Symbol.cs, Tab.cs, Token.cs SymbolTable.pdf
4 17.02.2006 Code generation Driver.cs, Code.cs, Item.cs CodeGeneration.pdf
5 18.02.2006 Code generation
6 19.02.2006 Compiler Generators, Test


This lecture teaches practical knowledge on compiler construction. Students should be able to write compilers for simple languages after this course. The important phases of a compiler, the lexical analyses, syntax analyses, semantic handling and code generation will be discussed in this course. Further more this course will give an insight over attributed grammars and compiler generators.


The exercises result in a complete Z# compiler for .Net. Download the description, and the given skeleton source files for the according exercise and complete them at the marked places. The exercise will influence your mark.


The grade results from the test and the quality of your exercise.

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