Framework Design


In a project supported by the Austrian FWF and the Finnish Academy of Sciences we are developing techniques and tools to design and manage object-oriented frameworks. We have proposed a two-phase technique for framework design which relies on stepwise generalisation.

In the first phase the specification of a problem from the target domain is generalized into more and more abstract specifications. In the second phase these specifications are implemented in the reverse order. Each of the implementations is regarded as a framework and is used in the implementation of the next higher framework. The result is not only a solution to the original problem but also a sequence of individually reusable frameworks.

K.Koskimies, H.Mössenböck: Designing a Framework by Stepwise Generalization. 5th European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC), Barcelona, LNCS 989, Springer-Verlag 1995, pp.479-497 (postscript)