A Reusable Framework for Rolling Mills

Esprit Project 22897
Software Technologies
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Work Package 1: Framework Development

The goal of this work package is to develop and demonstrate the reusability of the proper framework. In a first step the partners will focus on the various sections of hot rolling mills (roughing mill section, finnishing mill section, cooling section and others). In the future it is planned to extend the framework to cover also other types of rolling mills (e.g., cold rolling mills).

The framework will consist of several subframeworks which are developed by different persons in the project. These subframeworks and their expected reuse potential include the following: Within these subframeworks various aspects have to be kept flexible so that they can be adapted for different rolling mills. These aspects include: A new process automation system according to a client specification can then be derived by At least one process automation system will be derived from the framework before the end of the project. This activity will be part of Work Package 4. It exploits the results of the previous work packages (the framework, the guidelines and the tools) and demonstrates that the expected benefits (cost reduction, faster development, etc) are really achievable. As a trial site the project consortium selected Voest Alpine Stahl GmbH, a major European steel producer. For the hot rolling mill of this company the project will develop a prototype process automation system making use of the developed framework. This prototype system will run in parallel with the existing process automation software. When it is fully tested, it is intended to replace the current software.