Bitmap-Editor für Oberon

(Stefan Chiettini)

In the Oberon-System the user communicates mainly trough textual commands with the computer. Images exist only rudimentary in this system.

This thesis introduces BitmapEdit, an editor for pixelwise editing of coloured pictures. The editor contains all functions of a usual graphic application. These includes various figures, zooming, insertion of text, manipulation of the color table, pixelwise painting, etc.

BitmapEdit is executable on the Windows-Version of the Oberon-System, but can be transferred to other systems with little cost. The editor also allows to edit pictures painted with a Windows-application.

This thesis also introduces three applications of the pictures edited by BitmapEdit - BitmapElems, DialogBitmaps, and DialogBitmapButtons. These are images which can be inserted into texts or Oberon-Dialogs.

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Betreuer: M. Knasmüller