Oberon Dialogs - A User Interface for End Users

Markus Knasmüller

Graphical Interfaces on modern workstations are usually a collection of interactive items such as buttons, check boxes, text fields, and scroll bars allowing the user to communicate interactively with the computer. We call a panel of such items a dialog.

The Dialogs package allows a user to create and use dialog viewers with buttons, check boxes, text fields, and other user interface elements. Dialogs fit smoothly into the Oberon system. Existing tools can be equipped with a graphical user interface without modifications. The object-oriented nature of Dialogs allows adding new user interface items and new commands even by third party programmers and end users.

Dialogs extend the original Oberon user interface and give the user a choice between a compact textual interface (for experienced users) and a more intuitive graphical interface (for end users).

  • available via ftp

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