Automatic Filling of Examination Roster Forms (Prüfungsraster)

Preliminary Master's Thesis Specification

When completing a degree programme, students have to fill out an examination roster form (Prüfungsraster), in which they have to assign their completed courses to the individual subjects. This often involves complicated rules such as "n ECTS must be completed from subjects A, B or C, including a seminar". Filling in the examination roster manually is tedious for the students, and checking it is time-consuming for the Administration.

Therefore, the goal of this Master's thesis is to develop a web-based program that automates (as far as possible) the filling of examination rosters for arbitrary JKU studies. The basis for this are the curricula and the examinations stored in a database. The approach is to develop a specification language that can be used to describe the rules for filling out the examination roster for a specific curriculum. Based on these rules, the examinations of a student should be automatically assigned to the individual categories of the roster. If an assignment is not clearly possible (e.g. in the case of free electives or replacement courses), it should be possible to assign these courses manually to a category (e.g. by drag & drop).

To validate the program, at least the curricula for the Bachelor in Informatik, the Master in Computer Science and the Bachelor in Betriebswirtschaftslehre should be considered.

Contact: Prof. Mössenböck