The J-- Integrated Development Environment for Java (TM)
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Project Manager

Handles projects, which are logical units of project files and other project related settings (e.g. the compiler settings). A project may be saved to or loaded from a file. Such a file is portable from directory to directory and even from platform to platform.
Screenshot of the project manager
Screenshot of the editor window

Codepad Editor

is an editor with syntax coloring and a function to create code skeletons from templates. It was designed to edit plain text documents. Functionality: 
  • Auto indent
  • Indent/ Unindent blocks
  • Search and replace
  • Undo/redo
  • Selectable font attributes
  • Auto save

    Magic Menu

    is a special version of the Codepad editor. It was designed to edit java properties files containing menubar and toolbar definitions, which are plain text documents. The editor provides useful dialogs to insert toolbars, menubars, menus and menu items. Menubars and toolbars can be previewed using a swing view or a AWT view.
    Screenshot of the menu editor
    Screenshot of the help window


    is a simple hypertext viewer for the J-- Online Help and the JDK Core API Reference. It is connected to the Codepad editor, where you can start a keyword search by setting the caret on a word and pressing Ctrl-F1.




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