Versioncontrol for Oberon


This tool supports the maintenance of multiple versions of an Oberon text file. The versions are stored as compact "delta files", which consume only a few percent of the storage that the full file requires.

Users can create a new archive for a file, check in a new version of the file, check out any older version of that file, and specify comments for every version. The VCS tool can be neatly integrated with the text editor's menu bar.


The following dialog shows an archive for the file VCS.Mod where three versions have been checked in (versions 0, 1 and 2).

Pressing the "New" button adds a new version, i.e. the delta between the current VCS.Mod and version 2. Selecting any version from the list box and pressing "View" opens an viewer that shows the selected version of VCS.Mod. Selecting a version and pressing "Truncate" removes all later versions (i.e. the ones after the selected one) from the archive. The "UpdateLog" and "ClearLog" buttons can be used to change and clear the comments stored for every version.


Programmer: Michael Pitra

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Mössenböck


Documentation and sources are available via ftp.