A Reusable Framework for Rolling Mills

Esprit Project 22897
Software Technologies


Siemens AG (Germany) -- Coordinator
Mandator AB (Sweden)
Voest Alpine Stahl (Austria)
Uni Software Plus (Austria) in cooperation with FLLL (Austria)
Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria)
University of Hamburg (Germany)

Technical Description

Background and State-of-the-Art
Project Overview
Work Packages
- WP1: Framework Development
- WP2: Guidelines
- WP3: Tools Development
- WP4: Technology Assimilation, Exploitation
Contact and Project Management


Duration: December 1996 - November 1999
Effort: 30.75 person years


Photographs of project meeting in Hagenberg
Photograpsh of the focus week in Linz.
Press release from December 1998