PhD Theses

Theses in Progress

  • Capture-Replay Debugging of Concurrent Programs (Dominik Aumayr)
  • Error Analytics in Large-scale Heterogeneous Software Systems (Andreas Schörgenhumer)
  • Analysis of Memory Monitoring Data (Markus Weninger)
  • FORCE-Environment (Daniel Hinterreiter)
  • Code Duplication in a Dynamic Compiler (David Leopoldseder)
  • Kombination von Genetic Programming und Truffle (Oliver Krauss)
  • Thread-Safe and Efficient Data Representations in Dynamically-Typed Languages (Benoit Daloze)
  • Solving richt vehicle routing problems under uncertainty (Briseide Sarasola)
  • A Language Core Focused on Extensibility, Efficiency and Safety (Bernhard Scholze)
  • protectedNET: Self-Protection in Netzen mit dynamischen Teilnehmern (Fabian Berner)

Finished Theses