• Dipl.-Ing. Elozino Abigail Egonmwan (vormals Ofualagba)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • University of Lethbridge Canada




Derzeitiges Arbeitsgebiet

I am currently a freelance software developer with a focus on web development.

Statement zum Informatikstudium an der JKU

Initially the University of my choice was not a major concern, but simply studying abroad and gaining international experience. However, when JKU opened up the possibility to live my dreams, I was both excited and nervous, not knowing what to fully expect. At the end of the day, I can say studying at JKU was a hilly ride, that kept getting better towards the peak. The lecturer-student relationship is amazing! The practical experiences gained from projects carried out are outstanding. The international experience gained from integrating with students form diverse cultural backgrounds, is indelible. Studying Computer Science at JKU is like, eating a well-balanced superbly prepared meal, that leaves you healthier and well nourished, ready to conquer the world!

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