Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Josef Templ

"My home page shows only half of me." jot'97.1

PhD-thesis: Metaprogramming in Oberon. Abstract

A Selection of Recent projects:

  • Cooperation in a project to extend SPARC-Oberon to support shared-memory multiprocessor machines.
  • An Oberon to C translator named Ofront. This translator supports the full Oberon-2 language, supports dynamic loading of modules, commands, GC, V4 and System 3 for most Unixes and much more. Here is an evaluation version and more info for downloading via ftp.
  • Publication of the Oberon-CD together with Addison Wesley Germany. This CD is already available as a second edition.
  • An article about Oberon System 3 for a special issue of Dr. Dobbs journal.
  • The first international Oberon programming contest together with Addison Wesley Germany and ETH Zurich.
  • A book on compiler construction written by Prof N. Wirth. The typesetting has been done in Oberon. Some system extensions and bug fixes were necessary. Thanks to Markus Hof for his suppport.
  • A Java just-in-time compiler for a RISC architecture. To the best of my knowledge, this was the very first such compiler for a RISC. The performance boost for compiled methods is significant, however, the runtime routines in the original Sun JVM are not optimized for speed but for time-to-market.
  • An article about Java-Security for the german Unix journal iX.
  • A Java lecture at the University of Linz.
  • A prototyping project where I use Oberon/F as a database front end toolkit.
  • A Java Seminar for IBM Austria
  • An integrated office information and book keeping system using Oberon/F and SQL.