Introduction into Coco/R and Plux.NET (Kosice, Slowakia)

Lecturer: Löberbauer Markus

The course covers the topics: Coco/R, and Plux.NET

Plux.NET Lecture

This lecture will give an overview of the plug-in platform Plux.NET. We will give an overview on the platform, the usage scenario and a comparison with other plug-in systems. We will also see the system in action, and there will be enough time for questions and discussions.

Coco/R Lecture

This lecture will give an introduction into the compiler generator Coco/R. Basic knowledge about compiler construction is an advantage but not necessary. We will start with a short theoretical overview on compilers, and then continue with examples to see Coco/R in action.

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Continuative Literature

  • P.Terry: Compiling with C# and Java. Pearson Addison-Wesley 2005
  • A.V.Aho, R.Sethi, J.D.Ullman: Compilers -- Principles, Techniques and Tools. Addison-Wesley 1986
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