Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Manuel Rigger (李曼努), M.Phil.

Johannes Kepler Universität
Institut für Systemsoftware
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz, Austria

Homepage: manuelrigger.at
Speakerdeck: speakerdeck.com/mrigger
Twitter: twitter.com/RiggerManuel

This page is no longer maintained. Please visit www.manuelrigger.at instead.

Research Interests

  • Run-time Detection of Bugs in C
  • Low-Level Software Security
  • Programming Language Implementation


  • (Native) Sulong: Efficient Execution of LLVM IR on the JVM
  • Safe Sulong: Memory-safe Execution of LLVM IR on the JVM


Full Workshop Papers
Other Publications



  • ACM Student Research Competition Winner at Programming'18 in the graduate category

Supervised Master's Theses

Supervised Bachelor's Theses

  • A Test Case Reducer for Java Bytecode - Sebastian Kloibhofer (in progress)
  • A Random Test Case Generator for Java Bytecode - Florian Aufreiter (in progress)
  • Implementation of a Java Framework for Generating LLVM IR Test Cases - Thomas Pointhuber (in progress)
  • Execution of Rust Programs on Sulong - Arif Celik (in progress)
  • Implementing Inline Assembly Support for Sulong - Daniel Pekarek
  • A Bytecode Interpreter for Lambdas and Streams in Java - Mario Kahlhofer

Attended Schools