Visual Assembling Tool for JavaBeans


In the course of this thesis, a graphical builder environment for Java software components, also known as JavaBeans, has been developed. This builder environment, called "BeanWorkbench", enables the configuration of single JavaBeans. But the main feature,of the BeanWorkbench is the possibility to connect JavaBeans together, which is solved in two different ways. First automatic coded adapters are used to connect the JavaBeans together second, proxies are used. The BeanWorkbench is able to save the whole design as a serialized file or as a XML file. Additionally a function is implemented, which can inspect a JavaBean relative to the JavaBeans standard. In order to reuse the BeanWorkbench within other applications, this builder environment also is implemented as a JavaBean.

Download PreviewVersion BeanWorkbench(JDK1.3 required)