Data Mappings in the Model-View-Controller Pattern

Martin Rammerstorfer
Institut für Praktische Informatik

Hanspeter Mössenböck
Institut für Praktische Informatik


The model-view-controller pattern is used to keep a data model and its views consistent. Usually there is a one-to-one correspondence between the data in the model and its representation in the views, which is sometimes too inflexible. We propose to add so-called data mappings between the model and its views. Data mappings are components that can be plugged together hierarchically. They can perform any transformations on the data as well on notifications, thus allowing a more flexible collaboration between a model and its views. GUI builders can be extended so that a user can add data mappings to a graphical user interface interactively, i.e. without programming.

Proceedings of Perspectives in System Informatics (PSI'03), Novosibirsk, 2003, Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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