VisualStudio plugin to support compilergeneration with Coco/R

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The compiler generator Coco/R offers the possibility for software developers to generate scanners and parsers based upon attributed grammar files. The Coco/R-Plugin allows to use Coco/R inside the IDE.

The major tasks of Coco/R-Plugin

  • Integration of Coco/R in VisualStudio.
  • Syntaxtree for easy navigation in the attributed grammar file.
  • Find syntax errors in the semantic actions and mark them in the attributed grammar file.

Downloads & Links

Current Version

Visual Studio 2010

Legacy Versions

Visual Studio 2008 SP1


  • Markus Löberbauer (Application Development, Development Supervision)
  • Wolfgang Ebner (Application Development)
  • Thomas Reinthaler (Application Development)