Connecting Oberon

This project is part of a thesis which adds distributed objects to the Oberon system.

Module Threads implements the abstraction of threads, as well as mechanisms for thread synchronisation. Threads are scheduled preemptively and are useful to run network servers in the background. Module Threads is system dependent and is, right now, available only for PowerMac computers. A version for PCs running windows will be available sometime during May 1996.

Module Network offers an abstract way to access networks. It is an abstraction corresponding to the transport layer of the OSI model. Network offers multiple logical host on one physical site and channels for communications between hosts. Actual network protocols have to be suplied in other modules. Channels can be extended and adapted to the needs of clients and servers.

Module Network is system independent, but imports the module Threads. As a protocol, only local communication is implemented within module Network, allowing to communicate between two hosts on the same physical computer (site). A protocol implementation for cross-site communication via TCP is being implemented.

A technical report as well as the source code of the above described modules are available via anonymous ftp: