Software Architectures

339.020 Blaschek, Weinreich 3KV We 12:45-15:15 Uhr Room: HS 18 Start: 6.3.2019


Students know the most important architectural concepts and styles for the construction of large and complex software systems. They are able to select suitable architectures for various application scenarios, and they know how to implement, evaluate and document them.


  • Quality aspects and scenarios
  • Architecture-centric design
  • Software complexity
  • Modularization
  • Architectural measures for quality assurance
  • Architecture evaluation and documentation
  • Architectural styles (object-oriented architectures, component-based architectures, architectural styles for distributed applications).


This lecture is held by the teachers in two successive parts. Each parts concludes with an exercise.


Lecture: written exam at the end of the semester
Exercises: written contributions, presentations and discussions
The total grade is a weighted average of the points reached for both parts (ratio lecture:exercises = 2:1)