Special Topics:

Writing Parallel Applications under .NET

339.348 1KV Dietrich Birngruber Begin: 20.4.2018

This course deals with techniques and APIs for writing parallel applications under .NET.


Dr. Dietrich Birngruber
Global Head of Software Development
Trotec Laser GmbH
birngruber at acm.org


Who says that .NET code must be slow? This course shows you how to write fast asynchronous parallel code in .NET. We will also look at some .NET libraries which particularly support parallel programming. Furthermore, we will deal with possible architectures of distributed asynchronous systems and services. We will not only talk about the theory of parallel programming but will also focus on the practical features that .NET offers in this area.


The course requires some basic knowledge of C# and .NET as conveyed in the 2 courses:
- Software Development in C# (Mössenböck)
- The .NET Technology (Schabus)


Date Time Room
Fr, 20.04.2018 13:45 - 17:00 HS 14
Sa, 21.04.2018 08:30 - 11:45 HS 14
Fr, 18.5.2018 13:45 - 15:15 HS 14 (Projektabgabe)


The slides can be downloaded from the Kusss page of this course.


The marks for this course will be obtained from a project which the students have to write in C#/.NET.