Special Topics:

Parallel and Asynchronous Programming with .NET

339.365 1KV Dietrich Birngruber Begin: 26.4.2024


Dr. Dietrich Birngruber
Director, Avanade
birngruber at acm.org


Managed code does not need to be slow. In this lecture, you will learn how to use the .NET framework to write programs that can run multiple tasks concurrently and asynchronously. You will explore the concepts and benefits of parallel and asynchronous programming, such as using multicore processors, improved performance and responsiveness, and handling exceptions. By the end of this lecture, you will be able to write efficient and scalable code that can leverage the power of parallelism and asynchronism in C#.
Students will have to write a small project using asynchronous programming with C# and .NET. The marks of this course will be determined on the basis if this project.


The course requires some basic knowledge of C# as conveyed in the course Software Development in C# (Mössenböck)


Date Time Room
26.4.2024 13:45-17:00 HS 6
27.4.2024 08:30-11:45 HS 6
21.6.2024 13:45-15:15 HS 6 (project submission)


The slides can be downloaded from the Kusss page of this course.


The marks for this course will be obtained from a project which the students have to write in C#/.NET.