Special Topics in Software Engineering:

JavaFX Game Development

339.322 1KV Löberbauer Block Begin: 2011-11-18


Markus Löberbauer


No. Date, Time, Room Content Slides Samples
1 2011-11-18, 12:45-18:00; HS 4 JavaFX introduction, examples, and live game development (Circle Hunter) JavaFX Circle Hunter Versions, Sounds
2 2011-11-19, 08:30-12:45, HS 3 JavaFX animations (Circle Hunter), user interfaces with FXML Circle Hunter Versions, FXMLTest


JavaFX 2.0 is a class library for graphical user interfaces, animations, and media. It uses Java as runtime platform. JavaFX 1.0 started as a programming language that had a declarative syntax and offered support for procedural and functional programming. However, to simplify the development of JavaFX applications, the programming language JavaFX has been dropped and the class library made accessible by Java since JavaFX 2.0.

In this course you will learn how to:
  1. write programs with JavaFX
  2. design graphical user interfaces
  3. develop animations


The lecture consists of a theoretical part and a project. The quality of the project determines the mark. The attendance to the lectures is voluntarily.
As a project you can develop a game e.g. Battle Isle, Tetris, Tower Defense, Street Fighter, or Pac-Man. Or if you have your own idea for a project, feel free to discuss it with one of the lecturers.

You can work on the project alone or in a team of two.

For you to get a positive grade, we need the source code of your project. And a binary distribution for the homepage, similar to the Worms example distribution. Please set the links in your jnlp files according to the Worms example.

Deliver your project until: 2012-03-09, 12.00 o'clock. Please deliver your project by sending it in by e-mail (loeberbauer AT ssw.jku.at).


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  • Weaver, Gao, Chin, Iverson: Pro JavaFX Platform. Apress 2009