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Modern Cloud Native Software Development: How to build the next Netflix

339.362 1KV Jolevski

This course goes through modern cloud native software development approaches with practical hands-on examples. We will cover an introduction to microservices (with Golang) and an overview of the current CNCF landscape (Cloud Native Computing Foundation).
Topics will include: container orchestration with Kubernetes, Service registration and discovery, Service meshes, Routing, Service-to-service calls, Load balancing, Circuit Breakers, Distributed messaging. All main CNCF cloud projects will be introduced so students will have overview and outlook of main CNCF projects like: Kubernetes, Argo CI/CD, Flux, Traefik Proxy (Ingress), Traefik Mesh, Envoy, Consul, Linkerd, Certificate Manager, Etcd, Rook, etc We will address the steep learning curve that exists in the CNCF adoption and the best way to overcome it.
The students will be exposed to how to build and maintain cloud native infrastructure, with examples How Netflix microservice infrastructure functions and scales to support millions of users.


Prof. Dr. Ilija Jolevski
University of Bitola, Macedonia
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Date Time Room Topics
Mo 28.11.2022 17:15-18:45 S2 219 Microservices and their implementation with Go (Golang), intro to 12 factor app.
Overview of the current CNCF projects landscape (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
Tu 29.11.2022 17:15-18:45 S2 219 Container orchestration with Kubernetes, Deployments, Daemonsets, Statefulsets
Running microservices in Kubernetes, ingress with Traefik, practical examples
We 30.11.2022 17:15-18:45 S3 055 In cluster data persistence and database operators, Service Meshes
Practical GitOps with Argo CD, cluster observability, production/staging environments
Th 01.12.2022 17:15-18:45 S2 219 Deploying production cluster and scaling it in the cloud
How all this interconnects in the Netflix scenario, plus Student Project description, deliverables and communication with students


Project description and deadlines: https://bit.ly/3VQBrGm




Literature and weblinks: https://bit.ly/3iSCC9O