Special Topics in Software Engineering:

Introduction to Microcontrollers

339.358 1KV Poth
Students who wants to participate in the exam should register for it via KUSSS immediately.

This introductory course about microcontrollers helps students to understand the functioning and application of microcontrollers. During the course students will be introduced to each phase of the development of microcontroller projects. Hardware design as well as programming will be explained on a basic level. Students will be introduced to PIC microcontrollers and to the Arduino platform.

The course happens on campus and will not be streamed via Zoom. Students should bring their own laptops for doing the practical work.


Miklos Poth, Subotica Tech, Serbia


Date Time Room
17.11.2021 16:15-19:45 MT 127
18.11.2021 15:30-18:45 MT 226/1
19.11.2021 12:45-15:15 BA 9912
07.12.2021 13:45-14:45 online exam


  • Introduction to microcontrollers, historical review, general concepts, comparison with microprocessors.
  • PIC microcontrollers, hardware organization.
  • Memory organization.
  • Programming, low level instructions, the development environment.
  • Hardware interrupts.
  • The timer module.
  • Analog-to-digital conversion.
  • The Arduino platform.
  • C programming language for microcontrollers.
  • Examples: Traffic light, pushbuttons, counter, LCD display.
  • Exam

    There will be a written exam (multiple choice and gap filling) as well as a project assignment.


    Projects are done at home using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Students can choose either to work with the simulator for the PIC microcontroller or with the Arduino platform. 30% of the points will be given for the project and 70% of the points will be given for the exam.



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