Special Topics in Computer Science:

Spatio-temporal Databases

339.321 1KV Sabau Block Begin: 27.10.2009

Für das Projekt, empfiehlt Frau Prof. Sabau MS VisualStudio 2005 / 2008 und MS SQL-Server 2005 / 2008 Diese Software können alle Informatikstudenten der JKU kostenlos über die "MSDN Academic Alliance" beziehen. Weitere Informationen dazu finden Sie auf der ÖH-Seite unter: http://www.oeh.jku.at/node/704


Andreaa Sabau
Babes Bolyai University Cluj
Website Spatio-Temporal Databases


Date Time Room
Tu, 27.10.2009 15:30 - 18:00 KHG I
We, 28.10.2009 15:30 - 18:00 K 033C
Th, 29.10.2009 13:45 - 17:00 MT 127


The course is introducing the students in the domains of spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal databases: motivation and usage, representations of spatial, temporal and spatio-temporal data, operations and queries on spatio-temporal data. Table of contents:
    1. Introduction:
    • What is spatial, temporal, spatio-temporal data
    • Domains where spatial, temporal, spatio-temporal data is necessary to be represented and queried
    2. Spatial databases:
    • Modeling spatial data
      • Spatial data types and representations of space
      • Modeling spatial data
    • Spatial relationships, operations, queries
      • Spatial relationships (topologic, directional, metric)
      • Spatial operations
      • Querying spatial databases; spatial access methods
    3. Temporal databases:
    • Modeling temporal data
      • Temporal notions (data types, evolutions in time)
      • Conceptual modeling of temporal data; temporal normal forms
    • Querying temporal databases
      • Temporal relationships (topologic, metric)
      • Temporal access methods and query languages
    4. Spatio-temporal databases:
    • Spatio-temporal conceptual data models
    • Querying spatio-temporal data (types of queries, spatio-temporal indexes)


The marks for this course will be based on a project, which the students have to deliver to the lecturer.


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