Special Topics in Software Engineering:

Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Building SCORM-compatible Learning Materials

339.000 1KV Samuelis Block

Students should have an undergraduate-level introduction to Internet, HTML and some practice in using some learning management system. The core material is at: http://www.academiccolab.org/learn/. It is expected that the students will be able to transform their course into SCORM standard and in this way to offer it to a wider audience.


Prof. Dr. Ladislav Samuelis, University of Kosice, Slovakia


Date Time Room
We, 25.4.2007 13:45 - 18:00 HS 13
Th, 26.4.2007 13:45 - 18:00 UC 6
We, 2.5.2007 13:45 - 18:00 HS 13


  • Presentation (discussion) of some historical data about "intelligent tutoring systems"
  • Introduction to the SCORM standard, reusability of learning objects and their repositories: An overview
  • Skills acquisition by doing a case study: the SW environments
  • Specification and analysis of the case study
  • Design and implementation of the case study
  • Test and assignment (project) specification


Grades will be based on the final delivered project.