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The .NET Technology

339.337 1KV Schabus Block Begin: 27.04.2018

DI Andreas Schabus, Microsoft Österreich GmbH
The course is delivered in English.


.NET is Microsoft's software platform, which improves Windows and Web programming substantially. In addition to a new programming language (C#) .NET comes with a run-time environment (virtual machine) supporting garbage collection, security and safety, as well as interoperability among various languages such as C#, Visual Basic, C++ and others.

This course (KV, combined course) introduces you to the .NET technology. It explains the new concepts of .NET and some of the Framework technologies e.g. for DB-Access, Web-Development aso.

As a companion to this course we recommend to attend also the course Special Topics: Software Development with C# in which the programming language C# is explained.


The practical part of this course consists of a C# project that uses one or several of the .NET technologies (i.e. ADO.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services, .NET class library). The topic of this project can be freely chosen by the participants. The only requirement is that the project has at least 250 lines of code.

The project has to be handed in and presented at the SSW institute on your own notebook. Please write an index.html page with a short description of the program's features as well as with download instructions. Put all project files in a directory that has your name.


Date Time Room
Fr, 27.04.2018 10:15-11:45
HS 12
HS 12
Sa, 28.04.2018 08:30-12:45 HS 12

Project delivery

Date Time Room
Fr, 18.5.2018 names A - K
names L - S
names S - Z
S3 218
S3 218
S3 218

If you did your project in combination with the course "Software Development with C#" you can present both parts at the same time either in S3 218 (as specified above) or in S3 206/209.


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