PhD Theses

Theses in Progress

  • Cross-Language Data Analysis in a Dynamic Compiler (Sebastian Kloibhofer)
  • Cross-Language Data Analysis in Dynamic Runtimes (Lukas Makor)
  • Machine Learning-Driven Optimizations in Dynamic Compilers (Raphael Mosaner)
  • Dynamic Taint Analysis in a Multi-Language Virtual Machine (Jacob Kreindl)
  • Reproducing Nondeterminism in Multi-paradigm Concurrent Programs (Dominik Aumayr)
  • Error Analytics in Large-scale Heterogeneous Software Systems (Andreas Schörgenhumer)
  • Detection and Analysis of Memory Anomalies in Managemed Languages based on Traces (Markus Weninger)
  • FORCE-Environment (Daniel Hinterreiter)
  • Kombination von Genetic Programming und Truffle (Oliver Krauss)

Finished Theses