Mail Tool

A Mail Client for Oberon V4

Robert Lichtenberger


Oberon Mail is an easy to use, yet powerful application to administer your electronic mails. You can receive and send mails, add signatures, add attachments as well as Oberon texts, etc.
Oberon Mail was originally written by Christian Warlischek & Richard Mohr. The current version has almost completely been rewritten. The address book mechanism has been completely rewritten and is now equipped with a GUI.


  • SMTP and POP3 support
  • Can handle MIME types (HTML-Mails, Attachments, etc.)
  • Uses MIME alternative type to send mails in AsciiEncoded / HTML / plain text format.
  • Background polling for new mails
  • Delayed sending for use with temporary internet connections
  • Address Book with group mechanism and import functionality from Netscape & Eudora
  • Generic mechanism for mail filters
  • Drag & Drop of messages between mail folders
  • Quick archiving of mails using popups
  • Sorting mailboxes by different criterias
  • Importing mails from other mail clients


Oberon Mail is split into front end and back end to allow other applications to easily extend and/or use the functionality of Oberon Mail.
The whole implementation is well documented using Balloon Elements.

Getting Oberon Mail Tool

Oberon Mail is included in all distributions (Windows / PowerMac / Linux) of Linz V4 Oberon.


You can contact the author at Criticism, bug reports and suggestions for further improvements are always welcome.


MailTool screenshot