The module Elems extends the functionality of the basic Oberon text elements with the following features:

  • interactive resizing
  • attributes can be referenced by name
  • dynamic attributes
  • referencing attributes of other textelements (in the same context) via macros

As extensions of the class Elems several textelements such as StaticText, TextField, Checkbox, Radiobutton, ..., were implemented. With this extensions it is very simple to create a user interface. To give the user the ability to place the elements in a 2 dimensional way another module was implemented.

The so called PanelElems can hold common textelements and they can be positioned interactively. Such a panel can be stored to a file and also be inserted into text. As a panel himself is a textelement, nesting panels is also possible.

There are two ways of using panels:

  • GUI for a existing Oberon program. Create a panel which lets the user edit the parameters and call the command.
  • GUI and program work together. The program modifies the panels' items and the panel calls commands of the program.

The package contains some panels, such as:

    Calc, Calender, Compiler, DynamicAttributes, Inspector, Elems, Parc, Print



Programmer: Christoph Ertl

Supervisor: Dipl.-Ing. Markus A. Hof

Documentation and sources

The Panels package is part of the Oberon distribution.