Portrait Dipl.-Ing. Jacob Kreindl, BSc.


As part of the collaboration between SSW and Oracle Labs I am working on the GraalVM project. My work focuses mostly on the LLVM IR interpreter Sulong and its interaction with other GraalVM-based language runtimes. For my PhD I am working on supporting dynamic taint analysis on GraalVM. The concept of dynamic taint analysis is to track the propagation of specific data while a program executes. My research addresses limitations of current implementations of this, such as language support and performance, by exploiting the capabilities of a managed runtime, more precisely of GraalVM.

Research Interests

  • Compilers & Interpreters
  • Virtual Machines
  • Dynamic Program Analysis
  • Tooling Support for Virtual Machines


  • TruffleTaint: Efficient Polyglot Dynamic Taint Analysis (PhD Thesis)
  • Sulong: Efficient Execution of LLVM IR on the JVM
    • LLVM IR Parser (Master Project)
    • Intstrumentation Support for Debugging, Tracing, and other Tooling (Master Thesis)


Tool Demonstrations & Other Presentations




Bachelor Thesis Advisor

  • Character-Level Taint Tracking for Strings in Graal.js (Finished)
  • Expression Evaluation for Debugging with Sulong (Finished)
  • Partial Support for PThreads in Sulong (Finished)