Contributions for Coco/R

This page is intended to collect contributions to Coco/R, a possible contribution could be a grammar.

How to Submit a Contribution

Just send a short description and the contribution itself to loeberbauer AT

Version Neutral Contributions for Coco/R

ATGEmpty.atgA documented, empty template for atg files.
ATGQ3Shader.atgGrammar for Q3 shader scripts. Thanks to Stephan Reiter!
ATGBrainfuck.atgBrainfuck is a simple programming language consisting of eight, one character commands.
ATG PartUnicode.txtToken declarations for every unicode character class. Thanks to Patrik Reali!
SyntaxATG.synCoco/R syntax definition for syntax highlighting in Textpad.
SyntaxCoco/R ATGCoco/R bundle for syntax highlighting in Textmate.
SyntaxuserDefinedLang_Cocol.xmlCoco/R syntax definition for syntax highlighting in Notepad++.
ATG PartHtmlComment.txtHTML comment as a pragma.

Available Contributions for the C# Version of Coco/R

ATGpascal.atgPascal (Standard ISO 7185:1990). Thanks to Richard Uttenthaler!

Available Contributions for the Java Version of Coco/R

ATGOberon2.atgOberon-2 (Oberon-2 Report). Thanks to Kai Nacke!

Available Contributions for the C++ Version of Coco/R

Build ScriptCMakeLists.txtCMake file to install Coco/R on Mac OS X. Thanks to Blaise Thomson!
Build ScriptCMakeLists.txtCMake file to build and install Coco/R on Linux. Thanks to Emmanuel Deloget!