Project in Software Engineering

339.018 Weninger + members of SSW/Oracle Labs Introduction: Mo 06.03.2023, 16:00, SP3 218 Presentations: Mo. 26.06.2023, 15:30-17:00 (no Master's Thesis Seminar on this day), SP3 218

The kickoff meeting as well as the final presentation meeting are happing in person in room SP3 218. If we would, for any reason, be forced to switch to remote teaching again, a Zoom link will be provided via mail to join the meetings.


The goal of this course is to do a non-trivial software project over a whole semester and to go through all its phases (requirements definition, design, implementation, testing, documentation). The projects can be done in teams of 2 (with doubled workload), but can also be selected by a single student. At the end of the semester, the results have to be presented in a 15 minutes presentation.


Open Topics

The following list contains open thesis topics that might have to be adjusted in size to fit as topic for Project in Software Engineering. You might also find an interesting open master thesis topic that could be adjusted to a Project in Software Engineering.
If you are interested in working on one of these topics, please contact the respective supervisor and discuss the scope of the work.
Once you have done this, please inform Dr. Markus Weninger ( to mark your topic as assigned.
If you did not choose a topic before the introduction meeting (which has mandatory participation for everybody), you have to select one of the remaining open topics during that meeting.

Assigned Topics

  • A Visualizer for verbose GC logs for GraalVM Native Image
    Contact: Prof. Mössenböck
    Student: Aistleitner Christian
  • New JavaScript Language Features - ECMAScript proposals
    Contact: Dr. Stadler
    Student: Pössl Florian Johannes
  • New JavaScript Language Features - ECMAScript proposals
    Contact: Dr. Stadler
    Student: Tsimbolynets Vitalii
  • Source Code Building and Unit Testing in Xaminer
    Contact: Dr. Weninger
    Student: Primetzhofer Simon
  • JavaWiz-Visualisierung für Arrays
    Contact: Prof. Prähofer
    Student: Schenk Felix
  • Static Code Analysis of IEC 61131-3 Code: CFG and DF Analysis
    Contact: Prof. Prähofer
    Students: Valentin Jochinger, Peter Pfeiffer
  • ...
    Contact: ...
    Student: Gasztner Lorenz

Assigned Topics (delayed start)

  • Basic GDB Debugging Support for GraalVM
    Contact: Christian Wirth
    Student: Dominik Mascherbauer
  • Sparse conditional constant propagation for Graal IR
    Contact: Hanspeter Mössenböck (Technical supervisor: Gergö Barany (Oracle Labs))
    Student: Christoph Aigner

Final Presentation

The results of every project have to be presented by all team members in a 15 minutes presentation at the end of the semester. The presentation should mainly consist of a demo, but you should also shortly explain the problems tackled in this project and how you solved them (no bullet point presentation - rather use graphics and examples to demonstrate your problem and solution).


The grading is performed based on the quality of the implemented software (functionality, user friendlyness, robustness, readability and maintainability, documentation) as well as from the final presentation and the commitment during the semester.